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Digital Marketing Transforming Business

Siddharth Paldhikar, March 31,2020

One cannot deny when we say that Digital Marketing is ruling the entire marketing industry. The way the businesses work in today’s date, it is quite easy to foresee that the traditional market is embarking on its way to transform into a new, digitalized avatar. Well, we all know that marketing is about connecting with your audience in the right place and at the right time. And since the majority of the crowd is seen spending their time on digital platforms, your consumer expects you (brand) either to have a website or have a social media presence. According to Ivan Menezes, CEO at Diageo, “It’s not about doing ‘digital marketing’; it’s about marketing effectively in a digital world.” And we can’t agree more!.

Be where the world is-

Almost everyone today has got easy access to the internet; this has drawn people close to digital devices that are more than often operated by the usage of the internet. This boils down to one thing- digital podium is where the crowd is and can help you boost your business and brand awareness. Moreover, it provides ample opportunities to play around with creative options and strategies.

The growth and success-

Now that you are investing your time and money into DM (read Digital Marketing), you would definitely want to see how well your ads are performing. Unlike, traditional advertisements, digital ads help you gauge the visits over the ad, clicks, shares, and many more such things. Tools like analytics dashboards help in monitoring the success and ROI of the ‘Google Ads’. To increase your brand’s survival rate in this huge pool the DM keeps coming up with tools and techniques that are helpful for gauging the competition and the business growth.

The bottom line-

Digital Marketing isn’t as superficial as one might assume it to be. It is a vast and overreaching concept that includes- email marketing, digital advertising, online brochures, etc. So, to reach your targeted audience, you will have to strategize and select the digital medium that is apt. The transformation of ‘marketing’ to ‘digital marketing’ is a paradigm shift, and to lead in the race of this business, we have to embrace the change and go with the trend.